Category: United Kingdom Coins

1749 George II Halfpenny
1877 Queen Victoria Gold Half Sovereign
James 1st Penny 1607 to 1609
Elizabeth 1st Halfgroat 1595 to 1598
Henry 2nd Short Cross Penny
Charles 1st Penny
Edward 1st Penny 1279 to 1307
Scottish Robert 2nd Halfpenny 1371 to 1390
Edward 3rd Halfgroat
1567 Elizabeth 1st Sixpence
Henry the 3rd Half Cut 1216 to 1247
1775 King George III Halfpenny
1677-1679 Scottish Bawbee Charles II
1835 King William lV Great Btitian. Third Farthing
1602 Queen Elizabeth I Hammered Silver
1606 King James Hammered Silver Sixpence
Edward III Full Gold Noble AD 1351/52
King George III Counterfeit Halfpenny
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