I can’t believe my new book, 2.5 years in the making, will finally be delivered to my house tomorrow afternoon and will be available for immediate purchase. For those of you that are interested in hearing more info about its purpose and content, I’m providing a detailed description below.
This book, entitled “DISCOVERING VIRGINIA’S COLONIAL ARTIFACTS – A Comprehensive Guide to Recovery, Identification and Preservation”, is 400 pages in length and packed with nearly 1000 color photos of 16th thru 18th century artifacts I’ve personally recovered over the last 20+ years along with many quality post-colonial finds that randomly turn up at early sites. I also believe it’s the first of its kind in this subject matter area to hit the market. But don’t be misled by the title as this is a must-have not only for colonial enthusiasts, but for all novice and veteran relic hunters as well as it covers a wide range of pertinent topics including research methods, how to secure permission, reading and searching sites, finding and excavating trash pits, artifact cleaning, preservation, documentation and display, ethics, and much more. The Contents section from the book is provided below to give you a better idea of the specific scope of the book. It’s basically doubling as both a “how-to” manual as well as a colonial artifact “encyclopedia” covering all major categories to help more precisely identify and date your finds. It also contains 40 sidebars scattered throughout the book that expand on various topics of interest plus a listing of “Suggested Resources” at the end of most chapters that identifies other publications, websites, technical papers, etc, for additional reading if desired. It’s also printed in all color on high quality, glossy stock and is contained within a heavy hardcover. Photos of the cover, the contents section, and a few sample pages are shown below to give you a better feel for its look and composition.
My primary interest in taking on this major challenge was that I felt an obligation to impart my knowledge and experiences gained over the years and use as a teaching tool to help educate and inspire others with similar interests. It’s also an excellent way to document my finds for future generations to enjoy and to add to the historical record, not to mention it will make a great reference book to help ID and date your finds.
If you’re interested in ordering a copy, you can obtain one directly from me by providing your full name and mailing address to bdancy97@charter.net. Payment can also be made directly through the following PayPal link: https://www.paypal.me/ColonialArtifacts. The selling price is $59 + $5 shipping (continental US only) for a total of $64, and the book will be mailed via USPS in a sturdy cardboard mailer to better protect the contents. I can also sign your copy if you’d like, but please make sure you indicate that in your correspondence. This book is available from American Digger Magazine (770-362-8671) as well, and copies can also be purchased from ADM at the next Diggin’ In Virginia hunt later this month. Thanks for your consideration, and if you have any other questions please feel free to contact me anytime. Keep on Diggin’ …. Bill

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